Technical Jargons For Your Website


We can categorize websites into two based on its ability to update the content. First is static sites and the second one is dynamic sites. Static websites content cannot be updated unless you know how to edit a webpage using HTML or its coding language. This means unless you are a web developer you will have to contact your developer to update your website in case you want to update contact info or any other info in your website. Second type is the Dynamic websites, these websites allow users to update the website content without getting the support form the developer. Business owner or non-technical people can update the site. This editing has been enabled by the Content Management System or CMS. There are a lot of CMS available on the internet.

Once you contact your website developer and brief the requirement, your developers will suggest what is best for you. At IF Solutions we use WordPress for most dynamic websites. We have done another article for why WordPress. When you have a dynamic website powered by wordpress you can edit 99% of your content without depending on your developer.


The dynamic website that is discussed in the first chapter, will have certain limitations such as ability to sell something on the website or ability to collect donations. As you can imagine, all the websites will not need this kind of functionality. Due to that a standard CMS has only the basic functionalities such as showing a webpage, showing a blog post etc. In order to get extended functions developers use plugins. Some plugins are free to use on the website for the lifetime. So plugins are premium and clients will have to purchase it to continue the annual payment to keep the plugin in healthy condition. For example Woocommerce is a free plugin that allows us to sell products on our site.


WordPress is a sample CMS that developers use to give the editability access to a website. There are many CMS available.


Are you looking to sell your products or services on your website? Then WooCommerce is the best & most popular solution. This WooCommerce platform is a free one & perfect for small and medium-sized businesses looking to sell their products or services online. When we talk about customer service, this software also comes with excellent customer service, 24/7 availability, and real-time updates for security issues. It helps your IT developers perfectly.