Website Maintenance: Six Essential Tasks

We know the online journey is difficult, especially in 2020 with the pandemic situation; Company’s had to cut down their expenses and buckle up the seat belts for an economic bumpy ride. Maintaining a website is no joke or an easy task. But something that every website owner has to do. If you want to learn why the maintenance contract is essential you can read our blog articles why you need a maintenance contract, following are the essential services you should ask for.

01 – 24×7 Domain & Server Uptime Monitoring   

It is crucial to have the website running all the time for any business. Your customers won’t stare at the website for more than a few seconds; if it is not online, they will go for your competitor. Whether you are a small/medium business, it is essential to monitor your website all the time.

Your website may not work due to any of the following reason,

  • The website can get hacked
  • The domain may have an issue
  • The server may have an issue
  • The database may go down

IF solutions use a 3rd party enterprise solution to check the website availability for 24×7. If the site is down, we will instantly know. With that alert, the IF Solutions team can inform you(Client) of the necessary solutions.

02 – 24×7 Malware Scanning

Are you aware of the following stats? The following stats are why you need a Malware Scanner scanning your website.

Hackers are getting creative and trying different new methods to hack your website. Malware is one way. With the 24×7 monitoring, we will instantly know when the site has an issue.

03 – Website Indexing issues monitoring 

Search engines, mainly Google, need to list all the web pages in their database. Sometimes when listing the web pages, it comes up with different types of technical issues. IF Solutions has access to those issue reports with search console data. After analysing the information, IF Solutions will be able to identify whether there are errors or warnings. IF Solutions can inform the clients of the possible fixes of those pages with warnings or errors that could be relisted again on Google and other search engines.

04 – Website usability issues monitoring

“When we switch a domain to mobile-first indexing, it will see an increase in Googlebot’s crawling while we update our index to your site’s mobile version.”; Official Google Blog. Google has shifted to mobile-first indexing. In mobile-first indexing, google uses mobile devices to navigate and check the website. If Google sees an issue, Google alerts the website developer, and once the issue is fixed, Google will show the webpage again on Google. As most visitors are using a mobile device, it is vital to fix mobile usability issues. Otherwise, the website may end up losing its rank in Google.

05  – CMS and Plugin Update Monitoring

WordPress and Plugins release their bug fixes, security updates, performance improvements and layout changes constantly. Installing new updates will improve the site and break the site if the latest update is not compatible. IF Solutions will monitor the updates and inform the client of necessary actions.

06 – Manual Website Visit, Layout Check and Functionality Check

Even though preventive maintenance tasks are automated, these three tasks are done manually. Users are not bots(Automated Software to do a task), that is why we also check the website as humans. To understand how your customers feel when they visit the website. We will visit the website from different devices to check how the pages look, whether the buttons are functioning(functionality check). This will give us an understanding of the user experience of the website. If there is something alarming we will update you with an action plan.